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Monday, March 4, 2013

First Prenatal Visit Today

I'll likely update this post sometime this afternoon, so I can talk about how it went.
**UPDATE at bottom**

Today is my first prenatal appointment. For now I'm seeing a Dr. M, as he is the only obstetrician in my city who attends VBACs. For the record, I cannot be forced into having a repeat cesarean. That would be assault. But they sure as heck can (and will) try to bully and scare me into it.

I've been having a lot of anxiety about this appointment. At my first prenatal with my first pregnancy I had an ultrasound and, according to my dates, "should" have been about 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. The problem was the doctor didn't see what she should see at 7 1/2 weeks. So, I was basically told to go home and expect a miscarriage. Cruel? Yep. Wrong? Also, yep. Because I have longer-than-average cycles, my baby was actually only about 5 1/2 weeks along, so what the doctor saw was absolutely normal, and now that baby is a happy healthy 8 year old princess.

This pregnancy there is also some discrepancy about dates. According to LMP I should be a little over 8 weeks pregnant, but based on onset of symptoms and when I got negative vs. positive tests, it would appear I'm actually more like 6 1/2-7 weeks. So I'm worried I'll hear the same thing, "Go home and expect a miscarriage." 

I'm also worried the doctor won't take HG seriously and won't enable me to try to get ahead of the illness by starting Zofran right away. I've never avoided the ER or hospital during my pregnancies and I'd love it if I could, just this once. That's so hard on my family, too.

My family. Yet another worry. My Sarah, specifically. She's old enough to remember my pregnancies with Caleb and Anna and she loathes them. I can't imagine how traumatic they were for her. She still talks about that sometimes (mostly when Caleb cries about wanting a baby brother). She has lamented the fact that she "loses me" for the entire pregnancy. How sad for an 8 year old girl! Also, since she's a very capable, competent 8 year old girl I'm afraid it's going to be necessary to lean on her a little more than might be healthy.

And as I'm sitting here this morning I feel like I'm on the verge of vomiting for the first time of my pregnancy. Another indicator that I should be 7 weeks, at most.

My appointment went so much better than I expected! It's a father/son practice and the daughter is the NP. I met Dr. M Sr. and the NP today and loved them both. The doctor basically gave me my VBAC consult right then and there, saying that in his 30 years of practice he felt that VBACs were almost always less dangerous than repeat cesareans, and that the only UR he'd ever witnessed was in a mother who was laboring with her 6th child and had never had a cesarean.

And the biggest news: I got my Zofran. Not only that, but there was a big sign on the wall of the exam room that gave symptoms of HG and said if you're suffering there's help. There's help! That's such a change from my first pregnancy 9 years ago when I had to beg for help in the ER. 

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  1. I've been praying all week for your appointment - hoping to hear good things!!!! (And if not... the offer still stands. Let me know.) Sending love from AZ!!