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Friday, March 1, 2013

Norovirus Wimps

Saw this news alert from my local news station. My first thought was "wimps".  I'm gearing up to spend the next 7-8 months with an illness much worse than a paltry Norovirus. I am fully aware that's a mean thought. Maybe severe calorie restriction is already doing the Mambo in my brain.

And while I'm whining can I just say this week is dragging it's ever-loving feet? I have my eyes set on Monday March 4th at 9am when I can finally start to medicate this poor HG-ridden body of mine. My stomach has retreated and it cowering somewhere behind my spleen and my brain screams at me each time I pick up something to eat.

Of concern to me today: though I am able to eat small amounts (600-700 calories per day) and am NOT yet vomiting, I am losing weight. It makes me fearful of the time when I'll only be taking in a few hundred calories a day and not keeping most of it down.

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  1. I'm so sorry you're already feeling so rotten, Becky. We are praying for you constantly, and for your appointment on Monday - that it would go well and that this doc would be knowledgeable and concerned. Sending love!